11 Attitudes Only Highly Insecure Women Have

Believe it or not, there are many ways to realize if a woman is highly insecure. Many times this has repercussions on the possibility of achieving success in some respect. The body language you show, reflects your personality, what you feel and think and point out your safety or lack thereof.

How to know that a woman is highly insecure?

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To begin with, Dr. Ross Geller, a researcher at Princeton University, conducted a study on women’s insecurities. In this one, it was shown that the insecurities are explained in the specific metabolic processes of female behavior . In addition, women are subjected to greater stress at the bio-functional level. This is because activity in the brain zone receives a stimulus three times higher than that of men.

Delusional attitudes

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There are different habits that betray an insecure woman, translated in their body language or their daily attitudes.

1. Poor eye contact

When you are insecure you can not maintain eye contact with others. In fact, you tend to look down or away when someone confronts you. Even in a normal conversation, where there is no threat, you can not keep your eyes open.

2. Failure to cope

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In many occasions you prefer to overlook important situations so that you do not face anyone.

3. giggling

Besides, you smile in an unusual way for no reason at all. You use it as a “weapon to break the ice”. You feel insecure and you think that by doing so you can be victorious over the situation.

4. Walk with your eyes down

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5. Stuttering

An insecure woman will speak slowly or awkwardly.

6. Speak very loudly

7. Biting your nails

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All people who are insecure usually have the habit of biting or eating their nails. In women it is usually more evident.

8. Let others decide for you.

9. Cross your arms

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Finally, because of the insecurity you feel you cross your arms as a sign of protection. In fact, it’s as if you’re trying to defend yourself from a blow.

10. Conform to any couple for fear of loneliness

11. Let them humiliate you